As I write this post we are driving back home to Minnesota, after a visit to Houston, Texas. On our first visit in almost 25 years, as expected, a lot has changed. The congregation I served, Christ Lutheran – Houston, is no longer a Lutheran Church. They planed a completely new ministry and closed the old campus. The campus is now home to a Baptist congregation, so now there are two Baptist ministries side by side.

We drove through the old neighbor hood where we first lived when we moved to Houston. We discovered our, and we were still able to drive to the old address. But the house was gone. There was a new trailer home on the property, and the neighborhood has gone through quite a transition as well.

The church was right off Beltway 8 which was the quickest route around that neck of the woods, but not anymore. Now they have build a completely new Toll-way in between the lanes of the old beltway. I should not be surprised, it has been 25 years.

YET, we visited with a couple we have not seen in 25 years, and within moments we were talking as if we had been good a couple years, not 25. Within 15 minutes we were just having a conversation with friends as if we never left. How does that happen?

There is only one way that that level of closeness can continue – In Christ. Paul writes that when we are “in Christ” the old has gone and the new has come. He also speaks with great joy and zeal about the power and connection of being a part of the Body of Christ.

We had dinner with another good friend we have not seen in 25 years. And we were able to catch up on their journey of struggle and faith, and able to share ours as well. It was as if we never left. This by itself would have been an amazing act of divine connection in Christ, and would have merited a blog entry. But wait there is more…

In both of those meetings, designed to help two sets of old friends catch up God had so much more in store for all of us. I won’t bore you with all the ways that God used those moments of re-connection to affirm his hand in our lives, but let me tell you this storyteller, who is never short on words is almost speechless at the ever present working of God in our life.

If you have time, stop by and I’ll fill you in over a cup of Coffee on the amazing “coincidence” of God in our lives. Let me for now just tell you, don’t be surprised at the way that God will and can use you in the lives of those in the body of Christ, and the ways he will use others in your life.

So take some time today and PonderGod and his working in and around you through the people of faith he has placed on your journey.